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We are a group of friends that, every day, after shedding our professional clothes, puts on those of a host to tell our guests about Sicily through quality food.

Our relationships have always been based on sharing our passion for cuisine, the good one which is also capable of guaranteeing a taste for conviviality. For this reason, Casa & Putia is not just a restaurant, but our home, open to our friends. We consider friends all those, fortunately many, still capable of enjoying themselves even in the diversity of recipes and flavors. For us, tradition and territory constitute a heritage not to be dispersed but to be proposed to our guests.

The Kitchen

A Journey to Sicily

Every day together with our Chef, we try to recover and re-elaborate, all those preparations, increasingly often forgotten, that our mothers learned from theirs and that back in time those who bequeathed us this culture were Greek or Byzantines, Arabs or Normans, Phoenicians or Aragonese.

In fact, many of the recipes we propose, although may seem untraditional in the strict sense, are the result of long research into the use of raw materials of excellence by populations who have dominated us.

This is our way of proposing a critique of the standardization of cultures and the globalization of taste.


Our Family

Pride, passion, and a sense of belonging

Adriana Sirone

With a degree in natural sciences and a passion for graphic design, Adriana is the soul of Casa e Putia, as well as the owner!

The precision, passion, and rigor she puts into her daily work are the same elements she demands from her collaborators. She is the Head and everything that is brought to the tables had to pass through her attentive gaze.

Every menu and every single proposed recipe are the fruit of her constant research on Sicilian gastronomic traditions and the study of typical local dishes.

With her passion and constant commitment, she managed to involve some of her friends who, supporting and standing her, collaborate with her, not even very remotely, in some of the activities of the restaurant.

Nino Mostaccio

A fine connoisseur of Sicilian gastronomic traditions, for him Sicilian Slow Food Presidia has no secrets.

He is more volcanic than a volcanologist, in fact, he has a new proposal to develop every single day. This is how 'La Sicilia in Dispensa' was born with all its branded products and... get ready for new projects.

Marcello D'agostino

IT is his profession, wine his passion. His environment is the dining room and, as soon as he can, he tries to welcome and pamper every guest in the restaurant.

Andrea Mostaccio

Whenever he can, he leaves his lawyer's gown at home and, with the excuse of helping Adriana, rushes to the restaurant to cultivate his passion: entertaining customers in pleasing conversations about food and wine. The Casa & Putia wine cellar is continuously evolving thanks to his constant research, the outcome of his love for wine.
Staff Casa & Putia Ristorante
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