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Coherence is Sustainability

[…] Sustainability is first of all education, it is preaching well and behaving the same. We feel coherent if we live with respect for nature and others, if sustainability runs through all our actions.

Sustainability is followed with the beliefs one has, which arise from daily action, which in turn arises from the education one has received. By teaching not first fruit and not wastefulness, to thinking before buying and weighing before cooking.

The great thing is built from the sum of many small gestures. If you use an electric cooker but continue to throw away heads of lettuce thinking: “come on, what will it ever be like a lettuce head!”, it doesn’t add up.

Those of the community, of course.

Maybe it’s not a tragedy, but if we throw away so many heads of lettuce, we have thrown away respect for nature and for others.

Something is wrong, and perhaps much more than something, but we must never stop looking for coherence in daily actions, and the smaller they are, the more we are convinced that they add up, they set an example. […]

Davide Oldani. Visioni POP.

Menu Casa & Putia Cucina

Alleanza tra cuochi e Presidi Slow Food

Casa & Putia Restaurant participates in the ‘Alliance between Chefs and Slow Food Presidia‘ project.
The Alliance is a solidarity network that ties Presidia producers to restaurateurs who undertake to cook and enhance their products and guarantee the regular the products from at least three Presidia by marking them on menus with this sign: for good, genuine, natural, and clean food, as well as respectful towards those who have produced, cultivated, and bred it. Presidia are Slow Food projects that protect small, quality products to be safeguarded, and made according to traditional practices.


Crudo sostenibile


Raw fish*, minuta extra virgin olive oil, Trapani sea salts, finger lime.



Salted cod fillet LTC, squid ink crumble, pascià chickpea cream, Mount Etna olive oil Casa Merlino, tomato powder.



Dry marinated bluefish, bittersweet seasonal vegetables.



Potato and leek cream soup, fried pumpkin and leeks, Nubia garlic oil.



Mazara red shrimp, Nebrodi black pig lard, sicilian black bee honey.

Arance & stocco salad


Stockfish, oranges, red onion, Salina capers, cherry tomatoes, wild fennel.

Fegatini Pop


Liver pâté, tumminia wheat croutons, malvasia jelly, sicilian butter, bittersweet onions.




Tagliolini pasta, anchovies, girgentana goat cheese, dried tomato, peeled almonds, Nubia red garlic, toasted breadcrumbs, wild fennel powder.

Suino nero


Gnocchi, Nebrodi black pig gravy, caciocavallo ragusano cheese waffle.



Mixed pasta, Mount Sila potatoes, Nebrodi provola cheese.



Spaghetti pasta, sea urchins, toasted breadcrumb.



Mezzi paccheri pasta, silver scabbardfish, cherry tomatoes.

Macco & cicoria


Broad beans, minuta extra virgin olive oil, sautéed chicory, Nubia red garlic, chili pepper crouton.

The fresh pastas are made together with Luigi Pastificio and Cucina®. Flour and dried pasta are from La Molinara® by Nino Crupi.




Sliced amberjack, bbq potato cream and safron, sautéed carrots, tomato, minuta extra virgin olive oil.



Stockfish rolls stuffed with white crumb, chopped Salina capers, olives, celery and Pachino tomatoes.



Stuffed squid, Salina capers, Licata buttiglieddru tomato, Nubia red garlic.



Grilled octopus, its mayonnaise, confit tomatoes, mushroom powder, wild vegetables, squid ink waffle.

Cuturro & brasato


Traditional sicilian wheat flour polenta, braised veal, its brown stock, sicilian butter cream.



Cauliflower cutlet, roasted red pumpkin cream, caramelized pumpkin seeds.



Beef steak, bbq cabbage, baked potatoes, Trapani sea salt, minuta extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar.


Selezione di formaggi


Selection of cheeses - D.O.P. and / or Slow Food Presidia.

Selezione di formaggi e salumi siciliani


Selection of cheeses - D.O.P. and / or Slow Food Presidia.




Apple pie, orange crème anglaise, cinnamon.



Lipari malvasia ice cream, Salina candied caper, piparello biscuit, sicilian black bee honey.

Ape nera sicula


Semifreddo with sicilian black bee honey, pears in syrup, brittle pumpkin seed.

Sospiro di monaca


Soft biscuit filled with sheep ricotta cream. Decorated with icing sugar and candied fruit.



Chocolate, biscuit and salted caramel.

The desserts are handmade in collaboration with Pasticceria del Corso®, which works with us to create original desserts. Passion, willpower, and excellent raw materials are the ingredients we use to make you end on a sweet note.

Cover charge 3€

n.b. Please note that the menu may be subject to variations beyond our control. The raw fish has been previously thermally culled, in accordance with current regulation 853/2004.
*Some foods on the menu, if not referred to as fresh, might be frozen or previously chilled.
Some dishes on our menu may include a Gluten-free variation with a surcharge of €2,00.

Water 3€

Our Water: Treated non-mineral natural and carbonated drinking water on tap, freshly mixed for extemporaneous consumption with filtering equipment according to Decree No. 181/2003 of 23 June 2003 by the Ministry of Health.
Suitable for the elimination of suspended substances, for the reduction of bacteria, chlorine, free fixed residue, and organic substances in drinking water. The water is dispensed from equipment located inside the establishment for extemporaneous pouring, after being subjected to a treatment of micro-filtration and made cold, still, and sparkling.

Wine glass  5- 6€

Jams, jellies, preserves in oil, pasta and flour are ©La Sicilia in Dispensa brand.

Allergen information

Used Presidia Slow Food list:

Trapani sea salt, Salina capers, Licata buttiglieddru tomatoes, Minuta extra virgin olive oil, Nebrodi black pig, Nubia red garlic, Sicilian black bee honey, Belice vastedda cheese, Nebrodi provola cheese, Maiorchino cheese, caciocavallo ragusano cheese, girgentana goat cheese, piacentino ennese cheese.

Oil list:

La minuta from Vittoria Piccolo | Contrada San Filippo | Ficarra (Me)
Mount Etna Oil with Denomination of Origin from Casa Merlino | Randazzo (Ct)
Tenute Aricò Bio Oil with Protected Geographical Indication from Aricò | Santa Lucia del Mela | (Me)

One oil tasting: 3€ 

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