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Food has always been an instrument of integration and culture and cooking contains a dual significance: on the one hand it is identity and on the other, it is cultural exchange.

Thus, the plate becomes a vehicle for telling a story, initiating a process of integration and, very often, getting to know different populations.

In this context, Sicily has no equal; made up as it is of the overlapping of an incredible number of dominations that, over time, have succeeded one another and that inevitably, have made the Sicilians a contaminated people who love to be contaminated!

It is this desire for contamination that leads us daily to search for what we have been, to constantly dig into the memory drawers to rediscover recipes, traditions, and products that should not be lost but preserved and shared with our guests.

Throughout our journey, we have always tried to be as contaminated as possible with the beauty that our land can offer us, be it a place or a landscape, a product or a producer, a recipe, or a story.

But we also tried to ‘play’, with the necessary respect, contaminating raw materials in an apparently daring way by proposing unexpected combinations.

Contaminazioni Sicilia Messina

Alleanza tra cuochi e Presidi Slow Food

Casa & Putia Restaurant participates in the ‘Alliance between Chefs and Slow Food Presidia‘ project.
The Alliance is a solidarity network that ties Presidia producers to restaurateurs who undertake to cook and enhance their products and guarantee the regular the products from at least three Presidia by marking them on menus with this sign: for good, genuine, natural, and clean food, as well as respectful towards those who have produced, cultivated, and bred it.
Presidia are Slow Food projects that protect small, quality products to be safeguarded, and made according to traditional practices.
ricetta caponata di pesce azzurro con ingredienti slow food


Sustainably Raw


Raw seafood* from nearby, Sicilian oils, Trapani sea salt.



Stockfish carpaccio, Salina capers and caper bushes, yellow and red Pachino tomatoes, lemon flavored Trapani sea salt, EVO IGP Aricò oil

Under a Veil of Shrimp


Mazara red prawn carpaccio on quenelle of Mojo Alcantara cow mozzarella stracciata, finger lime, Lemon sea salt from Trapani, Minuta EVO olive oil.



Liquid salad, marinated red onion, Etna apples, cream of carrot, Licata buttiglieddru tomato powder, Nebrodi hazelnuts, nero d'Avola vinegar jelly

Squid Caponata


Squid, Licata buttiglieddru tomato sauce, olives, Salina capers, chopped Noto almonds, Grillo vinegar



Majorcan cereal toast, Sicilian butter, preserved anchovies with salt and brown sugar, sautéed vegetables, orange flavored Trapani sea salt, chilli pepper, Ruggeri EVO oil

Our Hams


Beef and black Nebrodi piglet, EVO DOP Mount Etna Casa Merlino olive oil dip with pepper and salt


Octopus Ragout


Mezzi paccheri made of traditional Sicilian wheat with a ragout of knife-cut octopus, Salina capers, Licata buttiglieddru tomato sauce, chilli pepper, EVO DOP Mount Etna Casa Merlino olive oil



Ravioli stuffed with sardines on a bed of Girgentano goat's cheese cream and toasted breadcrumbs, wild fennel pesto



Cuttlefish ink, creamed spinach, cuttlefish noodles, sun-dried tomatoes.



Corn gnocchi, genovese sauce with lamb and saffron.



Busiate pasta with escarole cream, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, Nubia garlic, green Bronte pistachio powder.



Handmade egg noodles with monkfish matalotta, Pachino tomato, Salina capers, olives in brine, EVO minuta olive oil.

The fresh pastas are made together with Luigi Pastificio and Cucina®. Flour and dried pasta are from La Molinara® by Nino Crupi.


Tuna and Cacciatora


Seared tuna, crispy cacciatora, EVO DOP Mount Etna Casa Merlino olive oil, tuna sauce with candied Salina capers.



Low temperature vacuum cooked cod on creamed kohlrabi and Etna apples, rosemary, pepper, EVO Minuta olive oil.

Rolled stockfish


Rolled stockfish stuffed with dressed crumb, chicory, olives, capers powder from Salina and Marsala wine.



Paddlefish millefoglie with Belice vastedda cheese, creamed leeks and potatoes, venerupis clam sautè, Salina caper powder.



Free-range chicken stuffed with Nebrodi black pig mortadella, crumb, organic egg and provola cheese, with potatoes, tomatoes and onion.

Heifer Beef


Sliced heifer beef, roasted leek and cabbage, Sicilian balsamic vinegar.



Roasted cuttlefish on broad bean mash, confit cherry tomatoes, sheep ricotta cheese, lemon flavored Trapani salt, EVO Minuta olive oil.

Escarole beccafico


Escarole, breadcrumbs, Sicilian toma cheese, raisins and pine nuts.


Cheese Selection - P.D.O. and/or Slow Food Presidia


Cheese and charcuterie selection - P.D.O. and/or Slow Food Presidia


Casa & Putìa has selected the following cheeses and cured meats, the chopping board may contain a part of them:

Vastedda del Belice, Etnagrana, Caciocavallo ragusano, sicilian Pecorino, Tuma persa, Maiorchino, Caprini girgentani, Piacentino ennese; raw milk cheeses from local producers.

Salami, bacon, lard, bacon and loin of Nebrodi black piglet; salami, bacon, lard, jelly bacon and local pork loin; mortadella and donkey salami; prince of Calatari, busambrina salami, cow mortadella; fillet of beef and pork.


A night from “Amerigo”


Whipped cream and milk ice cream with dark chocolate chips and our marsala superior gold zabaglione liqueur by Marco de Bartoli



Bronte green pistachio ice cream with sponge cake breading and crunchy middle.

A Nun's Sigh


Soft biscuit filled with sheep ricotta cream decorated with icing sugar and candied fruit.

Choicolate and Orange


Sponge cake, chocolate cream, custard, marmalade made of Sicilian oranges.

Pear and Malvasia


Brisée dough, pears, caramelized brown sugar, Lipari malvasia ice cream.



Lemon frost, granules of Bronte green pistachio.

The desserts are handmade in collaboration with Pasticceria del Corso®, which works with us to create original desserts. Passion, willpower, and excellent raw materials are the ingredients we use to make you end on a sweet note.

Cover charge 3 

n.b. Please note that the menu may be subject to variations beyond our control. The raw fish has been previously thermally culled, in accordance with current regulation 853/2004.
*Some foods on the menu, if not referred to as fresh, might be frozen or previously chilled.
Some dishes on our menu may include a Gluten-free variation with a surcharge of €2,00.

Our Water: Treated non-mineral natural and carbonated drinking water on tap, freshly mixed for extemporaneous consumption with filtering equipment according to Decree No. 181/2003 of 23 June 2003 by the Ministry of Health.
Suitable for the elimination of suspended substances, for the reduction of bacteria, chlorine, free fixed residue, and organic substances in drinking water. The water is dispensed from equipment located inside the establishment for extemporaneous pouring, after being subjected to a treatment of micro-filtration and made cold, still, and sparkling.

Allergen information

Jams, jellies, preserves in oil, pasta and flour are ©La Sicilia in Dispensa brand.

Used Presidia Slow Food list:

Trapani sea salt, Salina capers, Licata buttiglieddru tomatoes, EVO Minuta olive oil, Nebrodi black piglet, Girgentana goat milk cheese, Nubia garlic, Bronte green pistachio, Etna apples, Noto almonds.

Oil list:

La minuta From Vittoria Piccolo | Contrada San Filippo | Ficarra (Me)
Minuta Oil. Fattoria Borrello | Contrada Bosco | Raccuja (Me)
Mount Etna Oil with Denomination of Origin from Casa Merlino | Randazzo (Ct)
Tenute Aricò Bio Oil with Protected Geographical Indication from Aricò | Santa Lucia del Mela | (Me)
Ruggeri Oil from Ruggeri| Monforte San Giorgio | (Me).

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