Menù alla carta


[…] Taste the flavors, listen to their sweet “melody,” add them to your taste board, or update the pieces you already have. Do not stop looking for new stimuli, not only for the palate, and therefore in the kitchen, but in everything you do, even if it is not your habit.

Follow your passions, the ones you feel in your belly and dream in your mind; the ones that, when you feed them, give meaning to your presence in this world. Feel your body and do not judge yourself but always accept yourself as the sweet accepts the bitter.

Open not only your mouth but your spirit. Expand your chest and diaphragm, breathe in new air, nature. Bring your ideals into focus and give them voice. Put dots not to end sentences, but to start new ones.

There is nothing that ends in the long journey of a life.
It is just a succession of things that, cyclically, though in different ways, recur, begin again, develop and come to an end. But just when it seems that everything ends here actually approaches a new beginning.

To turn the page is not to erase and forget overnight, but it is to have run out of space and to look for new space to continue writing the sentences of one’s life. It is not living, but feeling alive. […]

Irene Volpe. Cucinare le emozioni.

- Slow Food Cooks’ Alliance

Casa & Putia Restaurant participates in the ‘Slow Food Cooks’ Alliance‘ project.
The Alliance is a solidarity network that ties Presidia producers to restaurateurs who undertake to cook and enhance their products and guarantee the regular the products from at least three Presidia by marking them on menus with this sign: for good, genuine, natural, and clean food, as well as respectful towards those who have produced, cultivated, and bred it. Presidia are Slow Food projects that protect small, quality products to be safeguarded, and made according to traditional practices.
Battuto Casa & Putia

There is no classic distinction between appetizers, first courses, second courses, but we wanted to create a path between seasonal flavors and ingredients, between preparations and contaminations, enhancing the pleasure of simplicity.


Crudo sostenibile


Raw fish*, minuta extra virgin olive oil, Trapani sea salts, finger lime.



Stockfish salad, Pachino cherry tomatoes, spring onion, Salina capers, Trapani sea salt, Mount Etna olive oil Casa Merlino.



Beef tartar, marinated yolk, Trapani sea salt, Salina capers, Zaituna extra virgin olive oil, bluefish “tuna sauce”, Etna cheese .



Girgentana goat cheese trio, roasted tomato, tomato powder, basil in three different textures, minuta extra virgin olive oil.

Assoluto di gambero


Mazara red prawn, minuta extra virgin olive oil, Trapani lemon sea salt.




Aubergine and fish caponata.



Stuffed anchovies, bittersweet spring onion, raisins and pine nuts.



Aubergine and stockfish parmigiana, Salina capers, fresh basil.


Polpo a terra


Roasted octopus*, buffalo mozzarella, crispy tumminia bread, Trapani orange sea salt, minuta extra virgin olive oil.



Stuffed squid and grilled rolls of traditional fish of the Strait of Messina, “salmoriglio” vinagrette with Nubia red garlic, Favignana thyme-oregano.



Rolls of stockfish stuffed with breadcrumb, chopped Salina capers, olives, celery and Pachino cherry tomatoes.



Catch of the day of traditional fish of the Strait of Messina, sweet and sour aubergine.

Bollito panato


Boiled and breaded meat, marinated vegetables.


Flan di melanzane


Aubergine flan, fondue of piacentino ennese cheese and confit tomato.

Come a casa


Vegetarian platter.



Potato gateau, aubergines, maiorchino cheese, breadcrumb.




Bronze drawn spaghetti with parsley pesto and clams from the Ganzirri lakes.



Calamarata home-made pasta, cooked and raw catch, squash tendrils, toasted Noto almonds.

Rosso e nero


Cuttlefish ink black tagliolini, Mazara red shrimp* tartare, Nubia red garlic, minuta extra virgin olive oil and chili pepper.



Home-made ravioli stuffed with fried aubergine cream, roasted tomato sauce, Tropea onion, Sicilian baked ricotta.



Sicilian traditional wheat pappardelle pasta with beef ragù (beef, celery, carrot, onion, sage, Nubia red garlic).



Busiate pasta with mint and basil pesto, Noto almonds, confit tomato, lemon zest and flakes of Etna cheese.

The fresh pastas are made together with Luigi Pastificio and Cucina®. Flour and dried pasta are from La Molinara® by Nino Crupi.


Terra Madre


Vanilla ice cream, colombian Santa Romero coffee powder, Modica dark chocolate crumble.



Lipari Malvasia ice cream, Salina candied caper, piparello biscuit, Sicilian black bee honey.



Lemon ice cream, candied citrus zest, candied orange.



Traditional ice cream from Messina.



Citrus frost, fresh fruit pieces, salted crumble.

The desserts are handmade in collaboration with Pasticceria del Corso®, which works with us to create original desserts. Passion, willpower, and excellent raw materials are the ingredients we use to make you end on a sweet note.


Sharing a coffee in Sicily is a ritual. For Sicilians, each coffee is a fragrant welcome, a friendly greeting, a heartfelt goodbye. Enjoy the unique taste of Morettino Coffee Experience.




A blend with a strong character in which there is an intense fruity aroma from Colombia Supremo with hints of Brazilian hazelnut and notes of cocoa and toasted almonds from the Indonesian coffees.

Mediterraneo decaffeinato


An aromatic blend of refined decaffeinated coffees that combines the pleasant hints of yellow fruit and the acidity of apricots from the most exclusive origins of Guatemala and Costarica with the bold tones of the Indian coffees.

Mediterraneo biologico


A refined coffee created from a selection of wide organic farming origins. The mellow citrus notes of Brazilian Arabica coffees meet the delicate white flowers scent from Guatemala Antigua and toasted bread notes of Indian coffees.

Riserva 100% arabica


An exclusive blend of prestigious Arabica in which the elegant floral notes of honey and white flowers from Central America meet the captivating aromas of caramel and toasted hazelnut from Brazil Santos, enriched by spiced tones from Ethiopia Sidamo.


Ethiopia Sidamo


A refined coffee with character, intense scents of citrus and spices, a balanced acidity and notes of exotic fruits and jasmine.

Perú Cajamarca


Good body, balanced acidity with subtle hints of orange and chocolate. notes.

Brazil Alta Mogiana


A captivating full-bodied and velvety coffee, very fine and low acidity, with hints of hazelnut and notes of caramel.

Morettino is part of the Slow Food Coffee Coalition, an international, open and collaborative network that unites everyone involved in the coffee supply chain. Our coalition nurtures relationships between those whose passion or profession is coffee. We empower farmers by increasing their representation and visibility and raise awareness among consumers by promoting the identity and knowledge of coffee. And that is just a taste of what we do. We believe that sensory quality and good agricultural practices should go hand in hand.

Service charge 3€

n.b. Please note that the menu may be subject to variations beyond our control. The raw fish has been previously thermally culled, in accordance with current regulation 853/2004.
*Some foods on the menu, if not referred to as fresh, might be frozen or previously chilled.
Some dishes on our menu may include a Gluten-free variation with a surcharge of €2,00.

Water 3€

Our Water: Treated non-mineral natural and carbonated drinking water on tap, freshly mixed for extemporaneous consumption with filtering equipment according to Decree No. 181/2003 of 23 June 2003 by the Ministry of Health.
Suitable for the elimination of suspended substances, for the reduction of bacteria, chlorine, free fixed residue, and organic substances in drinking water. The water is dispensed from equipment located inside the establishment for extemporaneous pouring, after being subjected to a treatment of micro-filtration and made cold, still, and sparkling.

Wine glass  5- 6€

Jams, jellies, preserves in oil, pasta and flour are ©La Sicilia in Dispensa brand.

Allergen information

Used Presidia Slow Food list:

Traditional fish of the Strait of Messina, Trapani sea salt, Salina capers, minuta extra virgin olive oil, Nubia red garlic, Sicilian black bee honey, Bronte green pistachio, Noto almond, Maiorchino cheese, caciocavallo ragusano cheese, girgentana goat cheese, piacentino ennese cheese.

Oil list:

La minuta di Vittoria Piccolo.
Contrada San Filippo | Ficarra (Me).
Monocultivar 100% Minuta.

Olio DOP Monte Etna di Casa Merlino.
Randazzo (Ct).
Monocultivar 100% Nocellara Etna.

Olio DOP Biologico Divitiae di Frantoio Mozzicato.
Monti Iblei (Sr).
Monocultivar 100% Siracusa | Zaituna.

One oil tasting: 3€ 

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